3 Generations at Shear Capital Group

Howard's father, Sam Shear, began in the financial services profession in 1953, and soon after emerged as a leader in the Pittsburgh area. Growing up and learning the values of hard work and financial management from his father, Howard then attained his registrations and joined the family firm in 1982. Howard says Sam is the "best mentor [he] could ask for" and credits his father for laying the strong foundation of the family business that will serve for generations to come. After a successful career, Sam retired in 1988 as Howard carried on the family firm, consulting with individuals and businesses. Carrying on the family tradition, Howard's son, Bradley, joined Shear Capital Group in 2015 as an intern. Upon graduating from Kent State University in 2017, Bradley joined Shear Capital Group on a full-time basis. Bradley continues to be mentored by his grandfather, Sam, and coached by his father, Howard, to continue the family tradition of Shear Capital Group.